Sonik Sizzor

Jibber Jabber - Different World

Jibber Jabber - Different World

Jibber Jabber is the musical creation of Sonik Scizzor (Lalith Rao) and Zik (Alekos Vozikis), who have been an active force in the psychedelic trance scene for over a decade now. With their first meeting in San Francisco in 2005, they knew immediately that they had to get together to make a unique musical project. The album Different World is a deep visceral journey into the unconscious mind, where dream states coincide with alternate realities and the "defined" world as we know it is in question. Unlike any other existing aural code, Different World is filled with unique sonic ideas that is perfect for your active meditation and is definitely an upbeat groovedelic dance floor story that will lead you into vivid patterns without warning. From moody melodic patterns to technical sonic harmonix, it will transport you beyond time and space, making it a memorable journey that will be a permanent imprint within you.   


Available as a WAV Download. 



Track List

  • Track 01 ::: Listen
  • Track 02 ::: Elements
  • Track 03 ::: Rebirth
  • Track 04 ::: Psykogenic
  • Track 05 ::: Reinsertion
  • Track 06 ::: Hallucinations
  • Track 07 ::: Dark Visions
  • Track 08 ::: Leaving Earth.
  • Track 09 ::: Parallelo
  • Track 10 ::: Pixies n Aliens


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