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Intergalaktik Magik

Release Date: March 5, 2014
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Dark Prisma Records is very proud to announce the debut album of Sonik Scizzor, the aural transmissions of the avant-garde sound engineer known as Lalith Rao.

Intergalaktik Magik is a musical device designed to upgrade the user consciousness through sonic imprints. This release is packed with 9 brand new tracks, filled with psychedelic soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms, and cutting-edge production, aimed to please the listener at home and on the dance floor.

Mastering was done by Lalith Rao at Sonik Scizzor Studios. Artwork was done by Yoaz. Distribution by Beatspace. The physical edition is available on Beatspace and the digital versions are available right here and on all major online shops such as Beatport, Itunes and Bandcamp.

Intergalaktik Magik is a trans-temporal, trans-dimensional device designed to give the user the possibility to locate him/herself in any point of the time-space continuum, in the current available multiverses. The goal is to eventually upgrade consciousness to be able to trigger this process without the aid of any interface.

It is powered by the Aum Engine, a sonic propulsion system that uses avant-garde sound design to distort space-time and create a structured singularity to access a wormhole that has been adapted to work as a time machine and inter dimensional gateway.

The machine is based on the Levogyre of Paul Laffoley, which is the standard engine for UFO’s and time machines. It has been adapted to be triggered by specially crafted aural transmissions by the audio engineer known as Sonik Scizzor. In order to navigate these terrains, it is required to wear the special protective suit which works as a bio-mechanical interface making the device an extension of the user’s consciousness.

Users have reported a feeling of oneness, extended awareness, direct experience of knowledge, enlightenment and enhanced perception after prolonged used of this device.