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Sonik Scizzor – Intergalaktik Magik debut album now released.

Dark Prisma Records is very proud to announce the debut album of Sonik Scizzor, the aural transmissions of the avant-garde sound engineer known as Lalith Rao.


Intergalaktik Magik is a musical device designed to upgrade the user’s consciousness through sonic imprints. This release is packed with 9 brand new tracks, filled with psychedelic soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms, and cutting-edge production, aimed to please the listener at home and on the dance floor.


Mastering was done by Lalith Rao at Sonik Scizzor Studios. Artwork was done by Yoaz. Distribution by Beatspace. Now available in the shop section and through all major outlets.
Intergalaktik Magik is a trans-temporal, trans-dimensional device designed to give the user the possibility to locate him/herself in any point of the time-space continuum, in the current available multiverses. The goal is to eventually upgrade consciousness to be able to trigger this process without the aid of any interface.


It is powered by the Aum Engine, a sonic propulsion system that uses avant-garde sound design to distort space-time and create a structured singularity to access a wormhole that has been adapted to work as a time machine and inter dimensional gateway. The machine is based on the Levogyre of Paul Laffoley, which is the standard engine for UFO’s and time machines. It has been adapted to be triggered by specially crafted aural transmissions by the audio engineer known as Sonik Scizzor. In order to navigate these terrains, it is required to wear the special protective suit which works as a bio-mechanical interface making the device an extension of the user’s consciousness.


Users have reported a feeling of oneness, extended awareness, direct experience of knowledge, enlightenment and enhanced perception after prolonged use of this device.


The 6-page digipak in all its glory.

My debut album design was done by french artist YoAz. After several conceptual art ideas, I was really happy that he captured the essence of the album visually. The requirement was that I wanted something different and technology inspired that captured the complexity of my music. It had to seem like this music was playing in the future, as if we were suited up and flying around in our spaceship, exploring the cosmos, as well as expanding our minds. Based on several scientific concepts, I am really happy that he captured the vision of the album and his flawless art is looking amazing after printing this 6-page Digipak.


Grab it now and suit up for the space travel.


Hypnotic Dreams Portugal featuring Sonik Scizzor

Had the pleasure to be invited to Portugal to present the Sonik Scizzor 4 hour Live performance for Samaveda Crew.  Had a blast hanging out in beautiful Porto city, drinking wine and checking out the wonderful sights and sounds present part of the rich culture of Portugal.


The line up featured well known acts such as Vibe tribe, Bizzare Contact, Abomination, D-maniac and LAB. It turned out to be a blasting party well received by the people of Porto. Check out the photos from my trip to Porto in the photos section.


Dark Prisma crew visits my studio in India.

The month of Febuary was a wonderful time here in my hometown Chennai. Spent a few weeks with the Dark Prisma crew making music in my state of the Art studio. Lot of material was painted within Nuendo and these aural ideas are in the works.


We also made an ultra mega secret free private party near the beach welcoming the Dark Prisma boys to the south side, making it a memorable time with a super star lineup including a surprise special set from Zik.



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